Bring Olympic-sized achievements to your office with some friendly competition

If you've caught any of the coverage from the London Olympics so far, you've likely noticed a common trend among sports with multiple athletes competing from the same country. Whether it's Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps or Aly Raisman vs. Gabby Douglas, the debate among reporters and viewers alike comes down to one question: How big is the rivalry?

A little healthy competition among the athletes makes performing that much more exciting. There's an added incentive that comes with a win among friendly rivals - and, at the same time, a built-in support system from knowing someone else is going through the same thing. Regardless of how much they want to win as individuals, friendly rivals are pushing and cheering for one another every step of the way.

As it turns out, the same can be said among employees in your office. Whether it's a contest among salespeople to secure the biggest numbers or a race among the communications staff to land the best coverage for their new product, reward and incentive programs can make employees feel as though they are part of a team; and that motivation can lead to real results.

Like any competition, the important thing to remember is that it's supposed to be fun. While no goal worth reaching has ever been easy, the most challenging moments should never be so frustrating that they begin breeding negativity. In order to ensure that your company's reward program increases employee morale rather than quashes it, you should follow these rules:

  • Make it about the employees. Though the contest will ultimately benefit the company, steps should be taken to ensure that each employee who participates receives some personal benefit, as well. Perhaps it's a corporate wellness challenge that inspires employees to lose weight or get fit. Ultimately, both the company and your team will reap the benefits of healthier, happier employees.
  • Ensure the rules are clear. The last thing you want to have happen is for someone to lose on a technicality. When drafting the rules, make sure to run them by the employees far enough in advance so that you'll be able to answer questions or clear up any miscommunication before the contest begins.
  • Keep the finish line within reach. The goals for your contest should be challenging, but never so difficult that they feel impossible. Every employee who participates should feel as though they have an equal chance to win.
  • Maintain the momentum. It's easy for the office to feel motivated at the beginning of a contest, when everything is new and time has been set aside to focus on it. But it's also just as easy for that motivation to fall by the wayside once the contest has been set in motion. Keep the momentum going with frequent status updates and weekly or bi-weekly check-ins so that people can stay on track. You also want to ensure that the contest does not run for too long - otherwise, people may lose interest well before the end.
  • Showcase employee success. Winners should be recognized for their outstanding contributions, but at the end of the contest, a collective effort should also be made to recognize the value every employee added to the competition. Whether they win or lose, all participants will have a lesson learned that is worth sharing with the whole team.

While the gold, silver and bronze medals may be in use elsewhere this year, hosting an Olympic-worthy competition in your office is a great opportunity to make every employee feel as though they are standing on that podium. Playing the national anthem is optional, but encouraged.

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