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Given our belief that great storytelling is the key to engagement, what logically follows is to create a blog that allows us to tell you ours. Here you will find personal opinions, experiences and thoughts on a wide range of topics related to strategic and operational communications, diversity, HR and brand identity, in addition to any exciting news and stories happening behind the scenes at CH&G. We'll only share it if we think it's interesting and worth your while, which is why we would love to have your feedback in the comments section of every post. Looking forward to the discussion! Questions? Blog topic ideas? Please contact jwoods@chg-communications.com

Gamification: A gold star for today’s employees

In today's world, games are literally at our fingertips. Whether testing your mental dictionary on Words with Friends, embracing your inner artist on Draw Something or downloading the latest distraction to your smartphone, there is no shortage of methods for virtual competition. Over the past few years, the practical a...  Read more >

Bring Olympic-sized achievements to your office with some friendly competition

If you've caught any of the coverage from the London Olympics so far, you've likely noticed a common trend among sports with multiple athletes competing from the same country. Whether it's Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps or Aly Raisman vs. Gabby Douglas, the debate among reporters and viewers alike comes down to one que...  Read more >

The benefits of talking directly to employees

You've just received a ping in your inbox from a company leader. In it, she describes an upcoming eco-friendly initiative for your office, one that will allow the company to become more sustainable. Exciting, right? Now consider the following two ways the email is formatted. Option 1: Dear Employee, Beginning n...  Read more >

How to use fiction writing to create compelling corporate stories

The satisfaction we get from reading a good novel often boils down to three essentials: an engaging opening, entertaining plot and likeable - or, at the very least, interesting - characters. Authors who achieve this trifecta often find themselves on bestseller lists, and one could argue the same can be said about bra...  Read more >

How (and why) leaders can (and should) be better listeners

Imagine you're at the doctor's office for a routine examination. At some point during the exam, the doctor pulls out the stethoscope and asks you to take a few deep breaths. She moves the stethoscope around to various pulse points of your body, listening for your heartbeat. Now imagine your doctor strikes up a conver...  Read more >

What is internal communications?

Wikipedia defines internal communications as, "the function responsible for effective communication among participants within an organization." But what does that really mean? It means that we have an incredible and important role in the way a business functions. Today, we're breaking that role down into its four mo...  Read more >

Is productive multitasking an oxymoron?

Gone are the days of joking over whether a person can walk and chew gum at the same time. The real test of a good employee in today's job market is their ability to send email while on a conference call - all in the midst of typing up that new client contract. Multitasking is fast becoming as essential of a skill on ...  Read more >

How to use storytelling to create community and increase employee engagement

What would catch your attention more: an email about your boss and her latest contribution to your company, or an email featuring your boss and her recent climbing expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro, complete with pictures and a video journal? Obviously the former is more significant to the success of your business, but...  Read more >